An American linguist-urbanist remembers the cities he's known, from Ann Arbor to Tokyo to Dublin to Seoul — and does so entirely in Korean

December 2022

Postwar developments like Irvine or Tysons Corner may be ambitious, but will they ever develop proper urban civilization? Three decades ago, one…

September 2022

An extremely online city planner makes the case against an institution wrongly assumed to be necessary

August 2022

Does Mike Davis' grim but celebrated assessment of power, violence, and globalization in Los Angeles hold up three decades later?

July 2022

The temptations of a sinking, brown-aired, mismanaged, inescapably stimulating metropolis

May 2022

Why doesn't North America have a London or Paris? An architect-critic explains

April 2022

The late Slouching Towards Bethlehem author reports from less a "wicked pastel boomtown" than a bitter and paranoid tropical fever dream

March 2022

My latest piece for the Los Angeles Review of Books is on Tokyo Junkie: 60 Years of Bright Lights and Back Alleys… and Baseball, a memoir by American…
London is a world city. Los Angeles, where I used to live, is less a world city than, as I once saw a banner at the airport call it, a "city that's a…

February 2022

I moved from Los Angeles to Seoul a bit over six years ago, and it wouldn't be much of an exaggeration to say I did so because Seoul has the better…
Donald Richie closes his most personal book on Tokyo by quoting from his own diary. The entry dates from the summer of 1978, more than twenty years…

November 2021

I've just returned from a few weeks in Toronto, a city with which I find myself in a not-quite-expected relationship. It started seven years ago, when a…